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Areas of Expertise

Couples Counseling

I work with couples to reduce conflict, address and repair emotional injuries, rekindle connection and desire, and improve patterns of communication and engagement.

As a certified EFT (Emotionally Focussed Therapy) Couples Therapist, I work primarily within an attachment context. That means that I work with couples to increase safety and connection in their relationship. If partners feels safe and connected, they are better able to manage the harder conversations and challenges that arise in shared lives.

Individual Psychotherapy

I help individuals who are seeking more connection in their lives, struggling to move through periods of transition, grief, or are feeling stuck and unclear about how to move forward. My aim is to help people to understand their motivators, wounds, and challenges so that they can move through the world with more intention and agency. 

Clinical Consultation

I love supporting therapists, coaches and educators in working with clinical or professional challenges. I believe that learning involves taking some emotional risks and my goal is to create a space where a person feels at ease and empowered towards learning, trusting and growing their edges. 

About Me

I am passionate about helping people move towards a more joyful and intentional life. I use Mindfulness and Attachment based therapies, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), and Somatic approaches to help individuals and couples move through difficult or stuck places, build more choice into their lives, and improve and deepen their relationships and communication.


I provide a warm, welcoming space where people can safely engage and examine patterns holding them back. Safety is vital, and so is a little push now and again. I deeply listen to people's goals, hopes, and fears and work to support and challenge them in their progress.


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), Certified Emotionally Focussed Therapist (EFT) and Supervisor, and have been practicing for over ten years.

My Approach
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